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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim and Lydia torn apart by betrayal

Is this the end of their friendship? (Picture: ITV)

Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is, of course, Kim Tate (Claire King)’s cleaner at Emmerdale’s Home Farm.

But she is so much more than that to Kim. Lydia is one of the few people who gets away with giving Kim a bit of a reality check when she needs it, and the two women have forged a firm friendship over the years.

It was Lydia who was in charge of Kim’s hen do before her recent wedding to Will (Dean Andrews), and thanks to the Neil Diamond tribute act and the large quantity of prosecco she’d laid on, Kim was soon letting her hair down, fulfilling Lydia’s determination that she should ‘rediscover her working class roots and have fun.’

The ice queen truly melted on that occasion, but Kim once again shows her frosty side in upcoming episodes when Will discovers his watch is missing – and accuses Sam (James Hooton) of stealing it. Unsurprisingly Lydia is staunch in defending her husband, which causes a massive falling-out between Kim and Lydia.

The truth watch thief is soon exposed when Nicky (Lewis Cope) reveals that baby Thomas was playing with the watch. Kim is upset that she’s fallen out with Lydia for nothing and offers Sam and Lydia their jobs back.

Lydia agrees to come back to Home Farm, but she makes it clear that from now on Kim is no longer her friend and is just her boss.

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