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Emmerdale fears for Cathy Hope as fans ‘work out’ real health diagnosis


Emmerdale youngster Cathy Hope has sparked concern among viewers after her health seemed to take a turn on Friday night.

Cathy Hope’s (played by Gabrielle Dowling) behaviour seems to have spiralled out of control lately and things are set to get worse for the Emmerdale teenager. After a number of meltdowns, Cathy decided to see Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), who put the youngster on the pill in a bid to control her heavy periods. However, during Friday’s ITV episode, Cathy got drunk and went on a rampage, leading fans to believe there is something more sinister wrong with her.

As Cathy and her friends walked to the gig with a bottle of alcohol in hand, things took an unexpected turn.

Cathy jumped up onto the bridge, with April Dingle (Amelia Flanagan) quizzing her pal on how much she’d had to drink.

“I don’t need any! I’m loving life!” Cathy shouted as she span around on top of the bridge.

“She’s off her head,” April said to Cathy’s dad Bob (Tony Audenshaw) who looked on in horror.

Emmerdale: Fans aired their concern for Cathy Hope (Image: ITV)
Emmerdale: Manpreet told Bob to take Cathy to hospital (Image: ITV)

The cafe owner rushed to his daughter, who lost her balance and almost fell off the bright.

“You’re going to fall,” Bob screamed as he got to his daughter just in time.

“Have you taken anything?” Manpreet was quick to ask before Cathy shut her down.

Bob weighed in: “You’re bunking off school and now you’re acting like a lunatic. What is going on?”

Emmerdale: Fans think something is wrong with Cathy (Image: ITV)
Emmerdale: Cathy’s friends watch in on horror (Image: ITV)

April came clean about their plan about going to the gig, as Cathy said: “We just wanted to have some fun that’s all. I just wanted to be happy.”

Bob said to a concerned Wendy: “She’s been struggling with anger and tears, hasn’t she? And now she’s high on something.”

“Bob, can I have a word?” Manpreet weighed in. “I know she’s been having trouble with her periods. But you’re right this is different.

“I think you should take her to A&E. Ask for the crisis team, they’ll be able to assess her mental health.”

“Bob, Cathy put herself at risk, as her GP I think it’s advisable,” she added.

Following the episode, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Cathy’s storyline, with many suggesting there is something more sinister wrong with her.

@Roseville_Girl tweeted: “Thinking about Cathy on #emmerdale I wonder if she has something like manic depression that her periods aren’t helping or some kinda mood disorder linked to the hormone imbalance. Most unbelievable bit was her seeing the crisis team so fast!” (sic)

@maitra_sulagna theorised: “Cathy, her mood swings, is that what bipolar disorder looks like? #emmerdale.”

While user @katemackay55 added: “The way Cathy was behaving she should have been admitted as an inpatient – as she’s a danger to herself & others. #Emmerdale.”

“Cathy…Personality Disorder? I said that weeks ago ….. #emmerdale,” @Carol44698330 commented.

@RyanTheSoapking went on to say: “I hope it is Bipolar that #Emmerdale are covering with Cathy. Such an important and Heartbreaking story to cover especially for Cathy who is still so young. Like we’ve seen with Jean and Stacey Slater in EE Cathy will have a long road ahead of her but can get support.”

@liadaksy wrote: “Yes you are Cathy, maybe bipolar #Emmerdale.”

Fan @WiniBoansi shared: “Awwww bless Cathy…. depression really does come in different forms. #Emmerdale.” (sic)

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7.30pm on ITV.

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