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Emmerdale fans spot major problem with David Metcalfe storyline


Emmerdale fans rarely forget a storyline, so a plot hole never gets past them, and Wednesday’s episode of the ITV soap left some baffled by a glaring blunder.

Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe (played by Matthew Wolfenden) was furious in the episode to discover Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) was moving to London with their daughter, Amba (Ava Jayasinghe). After later pretending he had forgiven Priya for keeping the news from him, he ominously drove off with Amba in the car and hinted he wouldn’t be allowing the move to happen. However, fans quickly spotted a blunder with the major storyline – David isn’t supposed to have a driving licence.

David found about about the plans because Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) was venting her frustrations about Priya getting the job she had been after.

“Didn’t get the job, then?” David asked as Leyla fumed about not leaving.

“No, they gave it to Priya,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Thought the job was in London,” David responded, to which Leyla said: “Yeah, it is.”

Emmerdale: Fans spotted a blunder (Image: ITV)
Emmerdale: David drove away with Amba (Image: ITV)

Realising her mistake, she added: “Oh my God, Priya hasn’t told you…”

“Are you absolutely sure about this?” a worried David asked.

“I’m so sorry David, I thought she’d have told you by now,” Leyla continued.

“I’m losing Amba and I get no say in it?” he raged. “When are they going?”

Emmerdale: Priya has no idea David is planning to leave with Amba (Image: ITV)
Emmerdale: The Dingle family tree (Image: Express)

Later, when David’s anger seemed to have subsided, Priya went along with their previously arranged childcare plans.

David assured her he was “over” his annoyance as Priya waved him and Amba goodbye, not knowing he was in fact planning to kidnap their child.

Amba excitedly told her dad that Priya was taking her on “a forever adventure,” to which David responded by suggesting they go on an adventure of their own.

He drove away suspiciously as the episode ended, leaving Priya oblivious.

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