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Corrie praised for ‘perfect’ scenes as Amy reveals she was raped as fans ‘shocked’ by Tracy’s reaction


Viewers were stunned by Tracy’s response

Amy confided in Tracy (Image: ITV)

Coronation fans heaped praise on the show over more emotional scenes in Wednesday night’s episode (Match 29). Viewers were moved to see teen Amy Barlow tell her mum Tracy that she had been raped by her former friend Aaron Sandford.

Earlier this month the flatmates shared a kiss in the ITV soap after Aaron was on the rocks with his girlfriend Summer Spellman. Later after a celebration for his promotion as mechanic the pair ended up drinking together back at their flat.

Events then took a dark turn as Amy, played by Ellie Mulvaney, went to the bedroom to find more booze and Aaron, played by James Craven, followed her. As they sat down on the bed Aaron complimented Amy and kissed her in the storyline exploring consent.

Amy then admitted she felt sick and rolled away from him. But Aaron moved in closer and continued to kiss Amy, who was unaware of what was happening as he made the decision for her that they would have sex.

The following day she realised what had happened to her, but Aaron denied rape when she confronted him and got back with Summer. Amy has remained silent about her ordeal, until Aaron told Summer they slept together and she railed at Amy.

Steve hugged Amy (Image: ITV)

Back at 1 Coronation Street she told Tracy that she was raped. Tracy gently asked her what had happened and Amy told her heartbreakingly: “He was someone knew, someone I trusted. I never expected to be raped in my own bed by a mate.”

Tracy agreed to tell Amy’s dad Steve for her and when he reacted angrily, saying he wanted to go after Aaron, she told him: “She’s right we need to go to the police and let them deal with it.”

Tracy then went with her daughter to the police station to report the crime and Aaron was later arrested on suspicion of rape. @bradleycoombes7 tweeted “what courage Amy” as more praise poured in for Corrie after Monday night’s powerful acid attack scenes.

@RyanTheSoapking said: “#Corrie. This scene between Amy and Tracey is powerful. Give @ElleJMulvaney all the awards. She is incredible in this scene.” @mishybabez_ agreed: “So proud of Amy for opening up to Tracy about her rape ordeal.”

@AndyGibsonTV tweeted: “This is a perfect performance from @ElleJMulvaney. What an actor she is. #Corrie #CoronationStreet.” And @Rosskiernan_ said: “Expertly done.” @matt_johnson_89 wrote: “Heartbreaking scene between Amy and Tracy.” And @Mel_Navan echoed: “#Corrie lovely scene with Tracy and Amy….”

Other viewers were scratching their heads as they didn’t expect killer Tracy to act with such composure.@macnamara60 said: “Tracy being unfathomably sensible about this.” And @snoopsaj said: “Well, Tracy took that well considering Steve will blow.”

djjamesball pleaded: “Please tell me this means the old Tracy is going to surface.” And @EmperorMendoza YES Amy, well done for saying it. I’m shocked that Tracy is keeping calm though that’s not a real Tracy reaction.”

And @_laurajones0 asked: “What has happened to corrie? the tracy barlow from years ago would have already got the heavy ornament ready for the lad who raped her daughter…”

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